Zabbix is an open source network, server, and application monitoring tool. It compares quite favorably with many of the larger, proprietary network monitors, especially considering it is Free. Zabbix provides pro-active monitoring via Email/SMS alerts, SLA tracking, real time network status maps, and performance graphs. Historical trending is configurable, and allows detailed or topical views of your data, weeks, months or years in the past. Trending reports are invaluable when analyzing growth for budgeting or new hardware purchases.
Simple network map for MuckNet corp office. Click image for full size screenshot

Graph showing bandwidth utilization on MuckNet web server in Phoenix, AZ. Click image for another view

A Snippet of Data from the MuckNet domain controller. Click image for full view.

Zabbix is an excellent fit for a lot of small and medium businesses, and we are able to deploy it very cost effectively. Talk to us about our pre designed monitoring packages and custom solutions.

Is That All?

Of Course not! While a performance monitoring and trending application is a large part of any monitoring solution, it is by no means everything. Without central logging and analysis, you’ll be blind to a large part of your environments health. MuckNet can set you up with central logging, event correlation, and most importantly, guidance in analyzing those logs, so they are actually used!

Zabbix Demo – New! November, 2007

We’ve recently upgraded our Zabbix Demo to give you full administrator rights to the latest version of Zabbix. Because the demo resets every 24 hours, feel free to poke, prod, and configure all you want (but try not to ruin it for other people if you can help it) :) This is a new process for us, and the first public Zabbix demo (that we know of anyway, and we’ve looked!). So, if you notice anything strange, or have any comments, please let us know. Check back often for improvements, HOWTO’s, and version upgrades. To gain access, fill out the form below, and we’ll immediately send you login credentials for the Zabbix demo.

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