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We specialize in designing networks that will keep your business running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any good design starts with input from its users, and production datacenters are no exception. We will have a lot of questions for you. We’ll cover in detail your current network, and datacenter design. We’ll discuss where you would like improvement, and what has worked well for you. We’ll cover where you’re business is expected to go, and if your business is seasonal, or potentially “bursty” in nature, we’ll discuss contingency plans in case your business starts to grow beyond your wildest dreams!

With all the information we’ve gathered about your business, we’ll put together recommendations for redundancy/failover, security procedures, hardware implementation, networking technologies, outsourcing, colo providers, network providers, environmental monitoring, performance montoring, user access, employee access, etc. We’ll visio everything up, and before the implementation step, there will be a map detailing every single network, power, KVM, or serial port in your enviornment.

While its true that some designs require fancy, expensive load balancers, and even fancier and more expensive monitoring environments, not all do. We are huge supporters of GNU Free software projects, and have designed a large number of very successful networks based on mostly free software.


Fourteen years in the internet industry has put us in contact with some of the best folks in the business (and some of the worst for that matter!). We are in frequent contact with co-location market analysts, carriers, MAN providers, rack-stack-and-cabling specialists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and just about every type of industry fringe specialist you can imagine. We will work with you to figure out how best to implement your changes with the least possible downtime and interruption.


Monitoring is the area I see neglected most often in small to medium size IT environments. And its usually in the top 5 of any IT Managers list of concerns. Not understanding where you are performance wise, can hurt you on a day to day basis, and turns capacity planning, and budgeting into a guessing game. We can help you get a reliable, inexpensive monitoring solution in place, providing you with performance trending, alerts, and central log correlation and analysis. Please visit our Zabbix page for more info, and a live demo of a working performance trending and monitoring application. This is however, only part of a full monitoring environment.

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